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Our presentations for insurance agents
Our presentations do more than ‘WOW’ they make money for attendees.

Are you looking for a presentation that will “WOW”?
How about something that’s more than WOW.
How about a presentation that shares real, relevant information that will help those attending make more money and get more leads.

Talk to us about presentations for your next meeting, event or conference.

FOR INFORMATION:  Call Jesse Slome at 818-597-3205.

Inaugural Presentations
Special For TheLeadPros

Jesse Slome will give FIVE FREE PRESENTATIONS (waiving the regular Speakers Fee).  The group must be 50 attendees or more.  Travel expenses (coach airfare, hotel and any nominal miscellaneous travel costs) must be covered.  And, we’ll request a review that we’ll post on this website (we’ll use your words).

Optional:  We’ll discuss having the presentation filmed so that it can be made available to those not present at your event.

I am building something new … something I know has value.  So I’m willing to demonstrate that value.  If you would like to discuss this, please call me at 818-597-3205.

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Other Resources We’d Like To Recommend

Medicare Supplement Sales – includes sessions recorded at prior national Med Supp industry conferences and National Medicare Supplement Agent Sales Summits. (Many videos are 100% free to access).

Long-Term Care Insurance Sales – sessions recorded at national conferences held by the American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance.

Short-Term Care Insurance Sales – learn how to start selling short-term care insurance from the head of the National Advisory center for Short-Term Care Information (free access).

Are you a LEADS PRO?   We’re always looking to hear from the best and brightest who have a passion (like we do) and are willing to share (like we are).  If you focus on insurance and financial products, social media or other topics that relate to what we are trying to do, we’d love to hear from you.  The best way is to call Jesse Slome at 818-597-3205.

Looking for a great Webinar presentation for your agents or financial advisors?  Nothing grabs or holds attention as well as generating leads.  Contact TheLeadPros to discuss how we can conduct a webinar program for your company or organization.