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Jesse Slome, Founder, TheLeadPros.com

A Message from Jesse Slome, Founder, And #1 Leads Pro

The Lead Pros (aka TheLeadPros.com) was established to enable insurance agents and financial professions without a technology background the know-how and do-it-yourself skills to  generate leads and business.

Listen I have nothing against companies that sell leads.  Many of my friends and professional colleagues are owners and heads of companies that generate and sell leads.   They deserve every penny that they charge because what they do is an incredibly valuable and important service.  It takes them enormous time, effort and cost.

But, I’m frugal (some would call me cheap … and that’s okay).  Because I’ve built several very successful insurance businesses without spending a single penny purchasing leads,  I’ve managed to do it myself.

And, I enjoy continually learning and sharing.  What worked 10 years ago (actually 1 year ago) is often outdated and so are the “gurus” who just keep sharing the same old -same old.  That’s not me.  It’s not the Pros I want to know and work with (and learn from).


With information and step-by-step Do-It-Yourself instructions PLUS your effort, you (YES EVEN YOU) can learn how to generate your own leads.   But, if you like ‘Do-It-Yourself” projects … nothing is more rewarding that doing something that increases your business and your income.

And, that’s why I founded The Lead Pros.  Because, I no longer need to build my own businesses.  I can enjoy helping others.  Yes, we’ll charge a little because if you offer something of value — it’s worth something.  But, you have my promise, that throughout my career, I have always provided value.   Doing less than that is a recipe for failure.


Jesse Slome

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