Why I Created TheLeadPros To Help Insurance Agents

Agents Make Money By Learning To Generete Your Own Leads
Agents Make Money By Learning To Generate Your Own Leads

Every business needs customers.  And, you constantly need new customers to replace the old ones.  Without customers you die (well, your business does).  But how do you get new customers?

Well, you could run a 30-second ad during the next Super Bowl (if you have a couple of million dollars lying around and a truly creative concept).  You could try some direct mail (remember mail, that’s the stuff brought to you and place in your mailbox).  You can buy leads from companies (hoping they are real people looking for whatever you are offering … and that their info wasn’t sold to a dozen others who now bombard their phone with calls).

But the truth is NO ONE CARES AS MUCH ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS — AS YOU DO.  And, that’s why for you to be successful – you MUST CARE ABOUT GETTING NEW CLIENTS.

You can spend money on leads, and that’s fine.  But, you can also generate your own leads … something that I’ve learned to do successfully over many years.

About Jesse Slome, Founder, TheLeadPros.com
Jesse Slome, Founder, TheLeadPros.com

Now that I’m older and have build several successful businesses — almost all built on generating leads without spending money — I’d like to share.  WHY?  The self-serving answer is that I’ll make a little money.   More importantly, I’m looking forward to getting out of my home office to speak every now and then.

But, for me, it’s really NOT about the income.  The money validates that what I’m doing has some worth.  And, it motivates me to keep learning and trying so that what I share with others continues to have CURRENT, RELEVANT VALUE.

I created TheLead Pros to connect insurance agents and financial professionals with some of the nation’s top experts who are willing to share what they have learned and what they do TODAY (not 5, 10 or 20 years ago!) with others.  My goal is to provide value to you and others.  IF WE DO THAT – YOU WILL TELL OTHERS.  And, referrals generated because you provide value is one of the best ways to generate new leads.

So, welcome.  This new venture was launched in August 2017.  Come join me and others on an exciting journey.

Jesse Slome
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